John James’ Poetry

John James captures the poignant details of an ordinary life in his poem Love In A Minor Key in the Impartial Reporter  this week.  The poem was inspired by Spiegel im Spiegil (Mirror in Mirror) by Arvo Part.

Wayne’s Winter

Impartial Reporter readers will forget about summer this week as Wayne Hardman’s piece, Winter In Canada, sweeps them away from green fields and bubbling streams to Canada’s frozen back gardens, rivers and lakes and the joys of winter sport.

Retired ice hockey player Wayne, a native of Canada, is a sports broadcaster and journalist. He is a regular commentator for Belfast Giants, Team Ireland and Irish women’s ice hockey matches. In his spare time, when not helping his wife run Wove In Hove, he writes fiction and enjoys Fermanagh country life.

An Alien Viewpoint

Peter Byrne reading at the Fermanagh Arts Festival mini-fest

In this week’s Impartial Reporter short story, A Take On Living In Enniskillen, Peter Byrne offers an insight into the complexity of living in the town to a perplexed tourist who has ancestral connections to Northern Ireland.

As a native of Dublin who has lived in Fermanagh for many years Peter has had ample opportunity to observe his adopted home. His natural storytelling ability makes it difficult to tell where the truth stops and fiction begins.

Ken Ramsey’s Cunning Plot

The cunning plot that forms the basis of Ken Ramsey’s short story, The Unheard Shot, will grip Impartial Reporter readers this week. Gamekeeper is pitted against poacher with a memorable conclusion.

Ken, a native of Enniskillen, runs a picture framing shop in the Buttermarket, Enniskillen.

Dermot’s Gardening Observations

Dermot reading at FAF mini-Fest

Dermot Maguire observes the way succesive owners of a country property stamp their personalities and lifestyles on it in Replacement. The short story is printed in this week’s edition of the Impartial Reporter.

A native of the Newtownbutler area, Dermot taught in Belfast for over 30 years before he returned to Fermanagh to retire. He published a local history of a rural area in the parish of Galloon, Drumlone At The Crossroads, in 2005.

We’re Swept Back To Bundoran

Frankie McPhillips gets Impartial Reporter readers in holiday mood this week with his story, Beautiful Bundoran (Ever calling me). His story will have readers’ minds awash with memories of the seaside town.

Frankie, a Fermanagh native, has a fishing tackle business in the Buttermarket, Enniskillen and has written flying fishing articles for Irish and UK magazines, including a regular column for several years in Irish Angler.

FCWG secretary, Dianne Trimble, is also in ‘the news’ this week. A World Apart, her short story about a Canadian adapting to Irish country life, is on the newsprint pages of this week’s Ireland’s Own magazine.

Mariette Evokes Dancehall Days

Harry’s Band by Mariette Connor is this week’s story in the Impartial Reporter. Mariette takes readers back to the days of the dancebands in Ireland and one unusual gig.

Mariette is a native of Blackrock, Co Dublin and moved to Enniskillen in 2003. She lived for several years in Spain and has had stories and articles published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies in Ireland, UK and  Spain.

Diane Jardel Reflects On 2009

Our Chairperson, Diane Jardel’s story, Essence of 2009, is featured in this week’s edition of the Impartial Reporter. Diane’s personal reflection captures the highlights of her first year in Enniskillen and the growth of trust between she and her grandson.

Diane, a further education lecturer originally from Dorset, and her husband moved to Fermanagh 13 months ago. They have travelled extensively over the years and she draws on her experiences for her writing.

The Impartial Reporter’s series featuring our group continues next week.

Sports Journalist Wayne Hardman Honoured


Our member, sports journalist Wayne Hardman, was recently honoured by the Belfast Giants ice hockey team for his broadcasting service to the sport.  

In April, at the ice hockey championships in Nottingham, the Giants’ General Manager, Todd Kelman, presented him with a Lifetime Support gold medal.

Wayne’s voice is familiar at ice hockey matches in Britain and Ireland.

Gary Gillespie and Wayne (right) provide live commentary at the Ice Hockey Championships

For many years he has been a commentator for the Belfast Giants, Team Ireland and Irish women’s hockey matches.

Impartial Reporter Continues Their Series Featuring FCWG Writing

Anthony Viney reading at Fermanagh Arts Festival mini-fest

The Impartial Reporter today presents the second part of their series featuring our members’ writing. The story is Anthony Viney’s powerful piece, Blind Faith. This short story evokes a scene in Hitler’s Europe where Jewish people were stuffed into an overcrowded train destined for a concentration camp. The story follows them from the train to the camp and into the gas chambers where the lingering smell of bitter almond fills their last moments.

Anthony, originally from London, is a social worker in the Enniskillen area. He has a particular interest in writing stories with a historical angle.

Over the next few weeks the Impartial Reporter will continue to print our stories and poems. If you are in the Fermanagh area why not pick up a copy of the newspaper and read Anthony’s full story?