Diane Jardel Reflects On 2009

Our Chairperson, Diane Jardel’s story, Essence of 2009, is featured in this week’s edition of the Impartial Reporter. Diane’s personal reflection captures the highlights of her first year in Enniskillen and the growth of trust between she and her grandson. Diane, a further education lecturer originally from Dorset, and her husband moved to Fermanagh 13 months ago. They have travelled extensively(…)


Sports Journalist Wayne Hardman Honoured

  Our member, sports journalist Wayne Hardman, was recently honoured by the Belfast Giants ice hockey team for his broadcasting service to the sport.   In April, at the ice hockey championships in Nottingham, the Giants’ General Manager, Todd Kelman, presented him with a Lifetime Support gold medal. Wayne’s voice is familiar at ice hockey matches in Britain and(…)


Welcome to Loughside Literature

Welcome to Loughside Literature, the Fermanagh Creative Writing Group’s blog. We are a small but active writers’ group with a core of eleven or twelve members who meet regularly in Enniskillen. It’s difficult to define our group. ‘Diverse’ best describes us. We are a multicultural group with members from England, Canada and Germany as well(…)