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Patricia O’Reilly Helps Us Reach Publishable Standard

Yesterday author, tutor and editor, Patricia O’Reilly, taught a workshop for our members about how to successfully edit your work. Before the workshop I think many of us thought that editing was only correcting spelling mistakes and adding punctuation. But we learned that it is as important to look at the structure of any piece(…)


Impartial Reporter Begins FCWG series

FCWG is kicking off online and in print this week. We’ve launched this blog today and the Fermanagh newspaper, the Impartial Reporter, is beginning a series about the group, featuring our stories and poems. Our secretary, Dianne Trimble’s story Just A Cough begins the series today. If you are in the Fermanagh area during the next few weeks, you can pick up(…)


Welcome to Loughside Literature

Welcome to Loughside Literature, the Fermanagh Creative Writing Group’s blog. We are a small but active writers’ group with a core of eleven or twelve members who meet regularly in Enniskillen. It’s difficult to define our group. ‘Diverse’ best describes us. We are a multicultural group with members from England, Canada and Germany as well(…)