At our 2011 AGM we decided to publish an anthology of our writings. It seemed a huge task at the time and it was hard to imagine that one day we’d have a finished book in our hands. But that day arrived on Tuesday. The first print run of Tuesdays At Charlie’swas delivered and members were perusing them that evening (instead of listening to the business being conducted at the AGM…).We’re officially launching the book at the Ardhowen Theatre, Enniskillen on 24th May, 7.30pm. Our MC that evening will be author and journalist, Keith Baker. He will introduce short readings from the book and Together One Voice Choir. We’ll tell you more about the event closer to the time.

Meanwhile, let me tell you a little about Tuesdays At Charlie’s. It’s a collection of stories, memoirs and poems from Fermanagh and other places, some real and some imagined. The pieces are as diverse as their writers: funny, moving, reflective, satiric and thought-provoking. There are tales about breaking into Enniskillen mortuary, meeting the Krays, halcyon Tempo days, a Titanic surprise, the Spirit of Christmas, how to lose a yo-yo contest – and cookies, crows, corpses, cross-dressers, Canada and cowboys. And a lot more, too.

Tuesdays At Charlie’s, a collection by Fermanagh Creative Writing Group, ISBN: 978-1-907530-26-5, Price: £5, Prose and poetry anthology, 201 pages, paperback.