BARBED – WIRE CAGE by Natasha Helen Crudden

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An Appreciation.

My title is deliberate: the critiques, the criticism and searching for allusions, poetry references and “…putting the texts under pressure..” Paula Meehan – can wait. Now is the time for due respect and admiration for Natasha’s debut published achievement for: “On me your voice falls as they say love should – with an enormous YES!” Philip Larkin.

Attachment, Separation, Loss, Rejection, Acceptance, Freedom and Reconciliation are realities that inspire most of the 40 poems contained in this Collection.  Angst, which, more often than not connects those experiences and emotions is the energy, the thread that fuels and guides the poet via “… the labyrinthine journey over the fence to life on the other side of the barbed-wire confines of society, a battle against the spiked constraints of convention…”

Attachment: “On mission uncharted, I am with you… anywhere but here.” Disappear

Separation: “….I lost my way, and you lost yours in an ending so infinite.” Ford’s Grave

Loss: “For a love more ordinary, we paid the price.” Zero Hour

Acceptance: “And you owe me nothing but to never forget yourself.  Or me”  Splinter

Rejection: “As I steel to tear the world apart the door slams.”  Over and Out

Freedom: “The barriers dissolve and from here we can go anywhere.” Explorers

Reconciliation: “ Shifting gears – No turning back now – Shake off the doubt – Permit no surrender – The game has begun.”  Mountain Pass

I am in love in with you Natasha because of your punk poems and their music idioms, here explored and appreciated. Love inspiring admiration and respect.  Barbed-Wire Cage contains it.  A Consummation.