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Impartial Reporter Continues Their Series Featuring FCWG Writing

The Impartial Reporter today presents the second part of their series featuring our members’ writing. The story is Anthony Viney’s powerful piece, Blind Faith. This short story evokes a scene in Hitler’s Europe where Jewish people were stuffed into an overcrowded train destined for a concentration camp. The story follows them from the train to the camp and into the gas(…)


Pete Byrne In National Poetry Anthology 2010

Our treasurer, Pete Byrne’s evocative poem, Portora Castle, has been published in the National Poetry Anthology 2010. He is one of 250 regional winners and his poem enters a contest for best poem in the anthology. This week’s edition of the Fermanagh Herald includes the poem and a story about Pete’s achievement.


Impartial Reporter Begins FCWG series

FCWG is kicking off online and in print this week. We’ve launched this blog today and the Fermanagh newspaper, the Impartial Reporter, is beginning a series about the group, featuring our stories and poems. Our secretary, Dianne Trimble’s story Just A Cough begins the series today. If you are in the Fermanagh area during the next few weeks, you can pick up(…)


Welcome to Loughside Literature

Welcome to Loughside Literature, the Fermanagh Creative Writing Group’s blog. We are a small but active writers’ group with a core of eleven or twelve members who meet regularly in Enniskillen. It’s difficult to define our group. ‘Diverse’ best describes us. We are a multicultural group with members from England, Canada and Germany as well(…)