Established in association with Fermanagh Writers, Corncrake Magazine is a community arts E-zine for Fermanagh and the cross-border area. Reaching from Omagh to Cavan and from Ballyshannon to Monaghan, we are now taking contributions for our opening issues, the first of which will be published on June 7th.
Information on contributions is below, and all submissions/queries should be sent to:



As well as literature, we will be covering:


Live and recorded musicians, bands, songwriters, collectives, promoters, studios, management, events, workshops.


Photography, film-making, animation, painting, drawing, graphic novel, sculpture, galleries, workshops, events.


Dance, theatre, musicals, performance poetry, street performance, events, workshops

If you don’t feel confident to write about these yourself but you know someone who might, please let us know..


We need these sort of articles about things local and creative: Each at around 400-600 words, but don’t worry if it needs to be more – or less.

Direct Content

For those wishing to share their art directly through corncrake. Submissions of poetry, prose, photography & other fine art, or links to audio/video with a few words to put it into context: who is the creator, what inspired it.


Short biopic introducing a local artist, venue or event, or a community organisation that helps the local arts.

Food For Thought

An opinion piece giving insight or advice on the arts, preferably constructive and inspirational.
Examples, Writing/song-writing/painting advice, why we do what we do, thoughts on a piece of art special/meaningful to your artistic career, pivotal moments in your artistic development,artistic philosophy.


Short interviews on the past, present and future of your artistic career, interested parties can receive/organise interview questions via email.


Of local arts, recordings, gigs, films, theatre, exhibitions etc.

Arts News

 information about funding, support, and how political/council choices are affecting the arts in the cross border area.

Please let us know which kind of article you wish to contribute.
It would help greatly if you could put the sphere of arts and the type of article in your email title, e.g.:
Your category
Followed by you article.
         Direct Content/Interview/Review/Introducing/News/Food for Thought
All contributions to be sent to:

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We look forward to hearing from you!