Paula Meehan

Poetry Workshop With Paula Meehan

Tony Brady, our Chair Reflects on Paula Meehan’s Poetry Workshop: Last Saturday thirty people participated in Paula Meehan’s Poetry Workshop which was hosted by Fermanagh Writers in Fermanagh House. By an amazing co-incidence, Paula began with a reference to a Russian poet that Carlo Gebler had opened his series of private classes with Fermanagh Writers last Autumn. (…)


Paula Meehan Inspires Fermanagh Writers

On Tuesday evening a stimulating, challenging, critical focus on poetry was led by the poet Paula Meehan. She began with an example of poetry being an expression of freedom and identity. Osip Mandelstam, a Russian poet, imprisoned under the Stalinist oppression exhaled his breath upon a window surface onto which he drew his name as a means of making(…)