women poets

Poetry Workshop With Paula Meehan

Tony Brady, our Chair Reflects on Paula Meehan’s Poetry Workshop: Last Saturday thirty people participated in Paula Meehan’s Poetry Workshop which was hosted by Fermanagh Writers in Fermanagh House. By an amazing co-incidence, Paula began with a reference to a Russian poet that Carlo Gebler had opened his series of private classes with Fermanagh Writers last Autumn. (…)


Fermanagh’s Women Aloud Part 4

Tonight we’ll wrap up our series of posts about the women participating in Women Aloud Fermanagh. We’re featuring our Secretary, Dianne Trimble (Ascroft) and our Assistant Secretary, Natasha Martin. We hope you are intrigued by the glimpse we’ve given you into our line-up for Women Aloud Fermanagh and will join us on Tuesday evening.  (…)


Introducing Fermanagh’s Women Aloud 1

During the coming week we’d like to introduce you to the women who are part of Women Aloud Fermanagh on 8th March in Blakes of the Hollow, Enniskillen. Today we’ll meet Kate O’Shea, Jenny Brien and Diane Jardel. Kate O’Shea: She writes a wide range of poetry, for both page and stage, from snap shots(…)